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Welcome to the Social Energy market

Effective and safe sale and purchase of the communities in the social networks!

About us

Social Energy is the largest market for buying and selling accounts, channels, groups and communities in social networks such as VKontakte, Facebook, Telegram, Instagram and YouTube.
We have created all the necessary conditions for conducting the most efficient and safe transactions through our service. Extensive base of communities of any types ant themes, help of professionals in selection of the ideal buyer/seller for you, the fact that we are the guarantor of the transaction — all this saves you time, money and nerves. You want to sell/ buy a community quickly and efficiently? Then leave it to us!

Social Energy provides to each and every client:

TimeYou save your time and money
ProtectionYou are protected against any fraud
SupportAssistance from the professionals in order to fins a perfect buyer/ seller for you
MaintenanceMaintenance of the transaction, detailed instructions for its conduct
VarietyHuge variety of different communities
Interface Convenient interface in order to find a suitable product/ buyer

If you are a buyer:

On this site you will easily find the product (community) you need. We have set up the ad system in such a way that you can immediately find the appropriate options and get acquainted with all the necessary information. Before publish any announcement , we carefully check all data and figures, as well as the vendor.
Since we mediate a transaction, we provide a guarantee that all the rights of the owner are transferred to you and we protect you from any fraud on the part of the seller. By introducing the vendor verification service, we have eliminated all the possibilities of fraud by the account owner. Next to the checked vendors you will see a check mark and it means that you can be sure of the security of the transaction.

If you are a seller:

Then our service will be the quickest way for you to find a buyer, whatever your community/channel is. This will be guaranteed by our numerous and diverse audience and customer base. Moreover, our convenient interface of the ad system will allow you to fill in all the information which will be necessary for the sale just in a few seconds. In addition, our service «guarantor of the transaction» will provide you with the full protection against any fraud, since we make the transactions by pre-reserving funds.
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